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About OWCP Form CA-5


About OWCP Form CA-5 The OWCP Form CA-5, titled "Claim for Compensation by Widow, Widower, and/or Children," is used to file for benefits under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) when a federal worker dies due to a work-related injury or illness. Here's what I can tell you about it: Who [...]

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About FECA


About FECA The Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) is a vital program that provides significant benefits to federal civilian employees who have sustained work-related injuries or illnesses. It's administered by the Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) within the U.S. Department of Labor. Here's a summary of its key features: Coverage: [...]

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Is Botox Treatment Covered by OWCP?


Is Botox Treatment Covered by DOL-OWCP? Botox injections are not typically covered by workers' compensation for injured federal workers. However, there may be some cases where they may be covered, such as if the injections are necessary to treat a work-related injury or to prevent further injury. If you are an [...]

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Who Can Help Me File My OWCP Claim Properly?


Who Can Help Me Properly File My OWCP Claim? There are a few people and resources that can help you file your OWCP claim properly: Your supervisor or the Injury Compensation Specialist at your agency: They may be able to answer questions you have about the OWCP claims process and help [...]

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Why Report Your OWCP Injury to Your Supervisor?


Why Report to Supervisor? Below is a detailed explanation of why you should report your OWCP claim to your supervisor: Your supervisor is required to help you with your OWCP claim. Under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA), your supervisor is required to: Provide you with information about the OWCP claims [...]

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How To Win Your DOL-OWCP Case


How to Win Your OWCP Case Here are some tips on how to win your DOL OWCP injury case: Report your injury immediately. You must report your OWCP injury to your supervisor within 30 days of the date of injury. This is important because it will help establish the fact that [...]

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